Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Things

You know, I always mean to blog more. Most of my friends and family can get it done at least once a week, maybe more. It is not like I work full time outside the home or have some great project in the works, but somehow I am always startled when another month rolls around without a post. One of my friends had a book made that published all her posts and I thought...hmmm, if I actually did that on a regular basis - what a great journal! So here it goes again, more resolution to break out the camera more than every so often. A couple of days ago, my dear sister in law invited Mia over to play. It isn't very often that the twins are separated for play dates. It just takes twice as much effort and I think people feel bad just inviting one. They go everywhere together - exercise group (a babysitting co-op that lets us moms work out a few times a week), preschool co-op, even doctor and dentist appointments. (Hey, I am remembering why I don't get around to doing this very often). We always mean to do different things for them, but real life and practicality get in the way. I can count the number of times on one hand since they were born that I have had Wyatt all to myself. After consoling him about not going over to his cousins (with the promise of a popsicle and special mommy time), we headed home. I was really grateful for the chance to play with Wyatt one on one. I could do things that I wouldn't have done with both of them there, like play horsey on the trampoline. They get so upset if you do something with one child and then don't do the exact same thing with every child in the house and my back just can't take one hundred and two horse rides. We also worked on writing his name. We have worked on this only one other time in the past and were inturrupted several times by the handwriting queen herself, bragging on her latest essay. With just Wyatt there, he mastered the same skill we were so frustrated with before in minutes! There is so much in him that doesn't get seen because he is lumped in with louder sibs (not that I don't absolutely adore said siblings, however they can be LOUD). It was fun to see Wyatt express himself in fun ways! I love you bud!

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  1. Amazing kids, so impressionable and teachable! I read recently that small children are like wet cement. The impressions you make last forever. Wonderful descriptions, Robyn.


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