Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beds and Breakfasts

Wow - I am getting positively wordy! Yesterday morning, Don took Mia out to Dennys for a daddy daughter date before work. She was able to stay dry at night for a whole week and it looks like we have only one left in pullups at night. Frankly, I was surprised given the dubious bedwetting genes handed from both of her parents. Rest assured readers, we are not in pullups either. They left as we were getting Ryan out the door (he catches the bus at 6:40am) and I think she must have said "bye" fifteen times and in such a way that made it seem like she was going to be gone for a year instead of an hour. By her reports she had bluberry pancakes, sausage and bacon, some of Daddy's french toast and her OWN apple juice. Oh what fun it is to be a big girl!

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  1. Such a delightful time in a little girl's life. Daddy is wonderful, Mom is fun...ah, those are the days.


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