Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Warm Fuzzy

After October's General Conference, we decided to start our own warm fuzzy jar, based off of some comments in President Monson's talk. At first the kids had a hard time distinguishing "service" from "chores". I explained that one you do to help someone else out and one you do because it is your responsibility. They have done pretty well with it and we have already filled it up once and had our reward - a family ice cream party. The kids got excited to fill it up again in anticipation of a family bowling outing. This morning I found the twins putting a warm fuzzy in the jar and asked, "what service did you do?" They must have figured out the system because Mia said, "I cleared Wyatt's cereal bowl and he cleared mine - that was very nice of him, don't you think?"


  1. Keep those warm fuzzies (and that creative thinking) coming! Such things make for a happy family.

  2. I'm laughing so hard because I think only twins would come up with that! My boys trade underwear when one doesn't like the certain pair I picked out....just to be nice! :)


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