Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Laundry Queen

At it again-- my cloth drawer is empty and the cloths are being folded in perfect squares and stacked just so. Mia loves to fold rags, towels, and blankets for me. It is so funny to see her in the middle of the kitchen floor going to town on those cloths. If I don't save them for her out of the laundry and stuff them into the kitchen drawer, she will find them and take them all out and fold them and stack them. Then she comes to me and says, "You're welcome".
She is also a meticulous room cleaner, though usually only upon request. She can make her bed without any blanket wrinkles, hang up all her shirts and put all the rest of the clothes in the right drawer. By contrast, when the boys are asked to clean their room, they shove all the toys onto the shelf in such a way that one hard look will have them come tumbling down; all clothes, clean or not, go into the laundry hamper; they have no idea what "making a bed" means to the rest of the world; and they feel that the room is clean when you can see more than half the carpet and any given time. Now if I can finish off by teaching her how to do the rest of the laundry, mop kitchen floors, and make a few basic recipes, we'll be in
business! Mia, you're the greatest!

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  1. Harper also loves to clean up. I can't wait until she develops her talents more in this area. I have a feeling she is going to be Mommy's little helper when it comes to her little brother.

  2. Unfortunately, we still have AJ "The Destroyer" at our house.

  3. This is so sweet. I've come back to read it several times.


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