Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Morning Celebration

There were many many reasons to celebrate today. The first perhaps being the most momentous. We switched to a 10am church time from 8am and were excited to add this to our days of switching off sleeping in. When Don and I rolled over to the sound of children playing we glanced at the clock. It was well after 8am!! The kids had gotten up as usual (the boys have an alarm clock in their room set to 6:30 - they are not allowed to get out of bed until the alarm rings and then Mia can follow). Then they had gone downstairs, set the table, said prayers, and eaten by themselves!!!! It helps that plastic dishes and cereal are accessible in our new house and that Ryan loves to be the "big kid" in charge of pouring everyone's cereal and milk. Hah! (and everyone asks why we are not in the midst of having another child - evidence right here).
The second is that Mia and Wyatt went to Sunbeams today for the first time. They were so excited. We have a rather large set of kids in our ward (17 brand new active sunbeams today) and we were told repeatedly by many harried primary teachers and leaders that they were the only two who were not crying. What a primary that must have been! 15 crying kids and no toys and snacks. Well, we feel that we had already done our part when Ryan cried for the first three months of his Sunbeam year.
On Wyatt news, we are potty training and are about 80% there. He seems to want to and does a fairly good job keeping dry but seems a little confused when he has accidents. There is going to be major carpet cleaning when this whole thing is done. Arghh. Special Note: Mia has been potty trained for a year...a YEAR.
Well, I have no pics from this week, but I know that I might get flack from my mom if I don't give you something, so here are some completely post-unrelated pics from last month when we were playing by the iron turtles at the neighborhood lake.


  1. yea for 10am church, I won't mention that we don't share our building so that we have 10am church EVERY year. Nope, I won't mention it at all.

  2. She who insists on photos has been appeased. Hurrah for safe and sane Sundays.


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