Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Carlsen Christmas

So, the Christmas present rush of this morning is over. The kids played upstairs with their "Christmas Eve" toy they had opened the night before until 7am, then we videoed their stocking opening (too bad I have no idea how to post video from our camera). They had a blast and made a mess (as you can see). We had Belgian waffles and chocolate milk and then played all morning. Don's brother Mike came to share Christmas morning with us and revel in all the presents that were sent to us by his Mom because she didn't trust him to wait (good call Mom). This is our first Christmas away from any family at all and even though I am muchly enjoying being in my own house, I had not expected to miss them as much as I have. I guess it is not as much fun being the grownup. We do not miss traveling with a billion bags, living out of suitcases and the general ruckus of a million kids (that is, even one more than we already have currently residing here). We hope (I hope) this Christmas "break" is filled with lots of organizing the garage, planning for scouts (Don and I are the bear den leaders), and maybe a couple more shelves put up. Hope all of your Christmases were great!

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