Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Say What?

I know this is an unprecedented two posts in one day, but when you are sick you certainly don't have energy for dishes or laundry, so.....
Last night we were quizzing Ryan on his "opposites". What is the opposite of floor? "Ceiling" How about over? "Under" What about right? "wrong". Then we said "What is the opposite of bottom?" We were very confused when he took a minute to think about it after some of the harder ones we gave him. Then with a deadpan, very earnest expression said "a pee-pee?" After we finished laughing, we approached it a different way. What is the opposite of top? "OOHHHHH, bottom!"

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  1. That is cute! That's why I love blogging as well as scrapbooking- keeping all of this cute stuff we'll forget someday recorded!


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