Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ramblings about Christmas

Christmas is a funny time. I LOVE the decorations. I love getting out things that I remember from years past. I like the Christmas music in the stores. Lights on houses across the neighborhood. But, I hate the Santa story. I just can't pull it off. I don't remember growing up ever believing in a real Santa Claus. I have a hard time perpetuating the story for my own kids. I am trying (my husband is absolutely insistent on this aspect of Christmas), but I don't like it. I am just not creative and, in addition, a horrible liar. No really-- you can see straight through me. Luckily my oldest is 5 and thinks I know everything magically. Really funny actually - I walk into his room and see a portion of a 1x2 we had left in the garage after making shelves. The board is sticking into the space between his very bent screen and the window frame. I find Ryan and say "Ryan, why did you break your screen?" Ryan, with wonder and apprehension on his face says "How did you know?" There have been many such incidences. Oh, the innocence of not trying to cover your tracks. In all instances, I look at him firmly and say "I know everything, that's why I'm your Mommy." But the Santa thing really stumps me. I have the pat answers for what how Santa will find us, and how he will get in when we don't have a chimney - but it is getting harder. Soon he will notice that I look uncomfortable and pause with a umm...well...mmm, whenever he asks a "Santa" question. And really, well, I don't care that my kids believe in Santa. There is going to come a time when I look at them and say, "Umm, well, yeah, your friends are right. I have been lying to you all these years. Santa is more a symbol than anything. Sorry about that..." Humph - I don't like it. But it is funny seeing the kids sooooo excited to see Santa at Walmart - how can you deny them that?


  1. We did not teach our kids to believe in Santa either. As for all the Santas around town, it is convenient that Christmas follows Halloween. We just explained them in terms of Santa costumes, and said that Santa was "storybook", just like Winnie-the-Pooh. Santa is something that reminds us to be happy and giving. But Jesus isn't storybook, and He is the most important thing about Christmas, etc., etc. We did tell our kids that some of their friends thought Santa was real and not storybook, and that parents were the ones to talk to them about that.

  2. We are not telling AJ about Santa. My mom thinks we are worthy for CPS, but somehow she has restrained herself from making the call. I just couldn't do it. We figure when/if he asks we will talk about Saint Nicholas Bishop of Myra (at least that way the Catholic side of my family will be happy) and how he was a good guy and so people like to pretend to be like him, but that is a about it for us. Good luck on the Santa thing.

  3. I'm so greatful my husband agrees with me on the no Santa thing. Good luck on muddling through.


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