Saturday, November 22, 2008

You don't say....

A couple of days ago Mia was reading through a book given to us by Aunt Denise and Uncle John. Their picture is posted in the back (which the kids love by the way). Mia reached the picture, stared at it and said, "I wish Aunt Denise was my mom. She has pretty lips. I wish you could be married to Uncle John and Denise could be my mom cause she has really pretty lips." What this means is that she was wearing lipstick. Mia is infinitely fond of people who wear lipstick and disgusted with her mother who sometimes does not make it out of sweatpants. She always comes up to my room when I am getting ready looking to "make her lips pretty". I have stashed a lip gloss in my drawer for this purpose. Anyway, know Denise, that you are loved.

Ryan started a conversation asking me, "why do some kids not have parents?" After talking about adoption and orphans, etc. We talked about what would happen if we died and that he would get to go live with Aunt Miranda and his cousins. He screwed up his face and said, "Could I go live with Sophie instead?" Sophie is one of his best friends. I said that Emma would probably be OK with that.

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