Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cruisin Along...

Well, we're back and Gramps is still alive (for the record, we were never worried about the kids). For those out of the loop, we went with some of Don's co-workers on an eight day cruise to the Mexican Riviera (Alcapulco, Ixtapa, Manzanillo). Grandpa Jackman graciously made it all possible by watching the little characters while we were gone. We had a blast on the boat eating, relaxing, eating, and playing...and eating. We went kayaking in the open ocean (my poor sore sore sore arms), snorkeled, and read read read. We took advantage of an unbelievable price. It hard to believe they can make money selling tickets as cheap as they did. They probably counted on us buying a ton of alcoholic drinks and gambling while on the boat. Whooops...
We heard a stat (not actually checked out as fact or anything) that said the diesel engine of the boat used a gallon of gas for every sixty feet moved. Our groups tickets couldn't have got us out of San Diego Bay. Most of the good pictures were taken by other members of our group, but here are a limited few of our own. We had just got a new camera and were too nervous to take it out too much-- wierd, I know. So when we share the photos, we will have more to show. The very well named boat was the refueling vessel at the San Diego Port - fun, huh?


  1. I forgot to mention that you can click on the pictures to make them bigger - this might make the boat picture more understandable.

  2. Ah, c'mon! More pictures! This looks like a blast. (Although if you were on the Robyn J., I take that back.)


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