Thursday, October 30, 2008

Addicted to Haircuts

Ok, I guess more news about haircuts in our family (we hope to take family pictures soon with Brent...hint, hint). Ryan has three , count THREE, vicious cowlicks so we have to keep his hair pretty short. A sad Ryan with long hair and a happy Ryan after chopping it all off.

Special Unrelated to Haircutting Note: Ryan just came downstairs to ask a question. To understand this question, you need background info. Wyatt and Ryan started sharing a room after this move. They sleep in a bunk with Wyatt (obviously) on the bottom. Wyatt is having a hard time not talking to Ryan (and vice versa, although he denies it) and an especially hard time staying in bed with a companion in the room (which must mean playtime, right?). Ryan is forever coming out of his room with complaints about Wyatt. Well, with that info, here is the question:
Ryan: "Can Wyatt get in trouble if he is not talking and not getting out of his bed?"
Mom and Dad: "What?? What is going on?"
Ryan: "He is not doing anything-- Wyatt just wants to get in trouble"


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  1. That's funny. Wyatt wants to be in trouble huh? Nice.


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