Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh the PRESSURE!!!!

So, I've been told by a close maternal figure that I am the ONLY one of my generation not posting regular updates on a centrally accessed Internet site, commonly referred to as a blog. I thought about telling this as-yet-unnamed person that the pressure would be too much and I like keeping you all in suspense, waiting for the littlest morsel of news. Now what am I going to put in my Christmas letter? Or will this absolve me of any responsibility for holiday cards at all? But the pressure finally got to me. So here goes...
We have been in our new house a little under a month. We are still trying to decide where things should go and the master bedroom still has piles and piles of books waiting for a bookshelf. But things are starting to resemble normal and the kids are getting used to stairs. 
We decided (OK, mom decided) that Mia's hair was getting too long and since she didn't like combing it (except with food covered fingers), we were going to cut it. Unfortunately we didn't take any "before" pictures, but here is an "After" picture. Don even admits it is cute and he is president of the "women shouldn't cut their hair...ever" club.  
Halloweem was also interesting. I bought a 75% off dragon costume after Halloween last year, thinking that since Mia was going to be three -surely she would want to be a princess this year and I could do a cute fairy tale theme. Well, when Mia saw that dragon costume, she decided that this was exactly what she wanted to be. She puts it on herself and walks around "scaring" mom and dad. When we get a frightened look on our faces, she pulls back the hood and says, "Don't worry! There's a pretty girl inside this dragon!" Well, we don't have to work on self esteem issues yet.... We finally convinced her that she was the only one who could be the princess, so she wears the dragon during non-official Halloween functions. The picture above was taken before our ward trunk or treat.  Wyatt was trying to get the dragon head up, Ryan is protecting...someone, and Mia is dancing (immediately what she does when a camera is pointed her way these days). more thing that makes me laugh. Mia has adapted the term she has heard Ryan use for his closest friends for her own use. Quite fun to hear, "Mom, did you know that Ryan and Wyatt are my best boys? Yup, they are my very best boys." 


  1. Hey! I get to leave the very first comment!
    Your kids look darling in their costumes! Hope you survive the coming week's sugar highs.
    When you get around to it, take some pictures of your new house. How do you like your neighborhood? Are you in a new ward?
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Mia's hair!! And the fairytale theme is super cute. Wonderfulness...

  3. Since I can't make any of the choices below work, I will go as anonymous but this push Mom says HURRH!
    The Carlsens have a blog!
    ---Mom J

  4. I figured it out! And I meant HURRAH!


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