Monday, November 8, 2010


Here's a little treat for Grandma - picutres she didn't have to beg for! I have twisted my ankle and am somewhat chairbound (just what a pregnant woman needs, right?) and so I was looking through old pictures and found some of when I went with Wyatt's preschool to a local pumpkin farm last month. It was so fun to go with just him. He is so social and talkative with his peers. He is very physical, loving to hold hands and skip or tackle depending on the friends.
I think he considers Ryan "best bud numero uno" and can't go to sleep without him in the room, wonders when he is coming home from school and prefers to do just about anything with him over Mia's style of play. He is the most likely out of all my children to say, "No" when asked to do anything and doesn't really feel a huge desire to please his parents, but siblings are another matter (most of the time). He is probably our most stubborn child - least likely to cave in the face of impending punishment. He is also one of the silliest and we often hear his giggle around the house.
He struggles with remembering basic sight words and names of letters, but has (by far) the best handwriting of any of our children even though he sometimes doesn't know what in the heck he is writing. He is a little bit of a perfectionist in that regard, erasing anything he doesn't consider stellar work, even if I say it is fine. He is our token "southpaw" and loves cutting paper and basically being destructive. He spends hours designing and building lego ships with firepower. He has the funniest potty dance EVER. He is by far our most adventerous eater and has had potty problems more than once by eating too many tomatoes in one sitting. He loves to be dared to do something (scary, I know) and loves praise, but not a lot of cuddling, hugs, or lap sitting. He loves to go go go, always wondering what we are going to do next, where we are going to go, who are we going to invite over, etc. Most of all, he's super fun and I am glad he is ours! I love you Wyatt!

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  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog on Shannon's blog and wondered if it was the same Robyn I remembered from VP days at BYU..... Looks like you are doing well! You have an adorable family.

    Lachelle (White) Bodine


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