Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year's Halloween fell on Sunday so we did not take the kids out trick or treating. They had fun getting their camping chairs out and passing out candy. We borrowed a couple of Star Wars costumes from a neighbor (the boys are very much into Star Wars these days). Mia borrowed several costumes from several different people and then decided she didn't really want to dress up to pass out candy. She did dress up as a Halloween Fairy for the ward trunk or treat but I was working so we didn't get any pictures. Halloween is always such a source of stress for me as I don't like any store bought costumes (that I can afford) and am not creative/talented enough to come up with fun ones. Mia is reading over my shoulder and she says, "Write that we had A LOT of fun!" So I guess that no matter how much stress holidays are to parents, it is good to know that no matter what , they usually have A LOT of fun!

The actual passing out of candy by kids was pretty great for us parents. No getting up and down every time the door bell rang and we have a ton of kids every year (I don't know anyone who doesn't run out of candy by 7pm). They had quite the system. Wyatt ended up at the bottom of the driveway, yelling at kids who would be across the street to come and get candy, then direct them to Ryan a little further up who would give them another piece of candy, who would then direct them all the way to the door where Mia was. Never make anything simple - that's the Carlsen way.

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  1. Never do it the simple way could also be my motto. (Along with, make sure you delay long enough to necessitate running around like a chicken with your head cut off!!) very cute kids!


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