Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Love the Rain

After a couple of weeks of over 100 degree temperatures, we have been shocked to have a couple of rainy days - today has been especailly wet. Hurray! The boys grabbed cups and tried to catch the rain from the gutters and put it into their bucket (a standard car wash type bucket). They have probably dedicated over 3 hours to this task today. First they stood and waited with one cup and then got smart and grabbed a couple of cups and chairs. It's amazing how much energy they can devote to such a monotonous task. And amazing how much I can get done when they are not in the house! Mia thought this was fun for about five minutes and then came in to read. My garden (tomatoes, watermelons, sugar snaps peas, cantaloupe, pole beans, zucchini, and strawberries) is also liking the wonderful rain.

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  1. hurrah for the rain. Wish it would rain here. Your garden looks wonderful. We are picking blackberries by the zillions right now. Your pole beans will grow over 6 feet high. The kids will love it.

  2. Interesting story, I am always amazed at how children can do one thing for so long. It is like when AJ spins the wheels on his little cars over and over again. I always ask myself why, then I think "oh wait, this means I can do something else!"

  3. I agree with mom, your garden does look great!


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