Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Costumes were fun (and easy) this year. Mia was a witch (gotten post Halloween in a previous year), Ryan was "Anakin Skywalker" from the Star Wars: Clone Wars era, and Wyatt borrowed a pirate costume. He doesn't have the eyepatch and the hat he wore to all the parties because he couldn't find them when he needed to. Tyler and I sat in a chair outside on the porch for an hour to hand out candy.
Don thinks that I am the Halloween Scrooge because I mumble under my breath (and sometimes not so under) about the older teens and adults holding out bags for themselves. I found a new pet peeve this year when I saw parents dragging half asleep toddlers and babies who had no interest in collecting anything, holding their bags for them, saying trick or treat for them, and pushing them off more than half asleep in the stroller. Who are you doing this for - you or your children? Are you really that desperate for candy? All right - let me get down off my soapbox. It was a ton of fun.
The three oldest kids went to two trunk or treats, a classroom party and real trick or treating for an hour. Lets just say that the amount of candy in our house right now is probably the scariest part of our Halloween season.

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  1. Tyler looks like one happy boy with all those goodies in front of him. I hope he shared.

    Cute kids!

  2. Someone drove up to our house with a flatbed with about 20 young teens on it on Halloween. I was mumbling under my breathe a bit, too. If you're going to eat all that candy you ought to at least try to walk some of it off!

    Cute kids!


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