Monday, August 8, 2011

First Day of School

AAAGGHHH! It's finally here - my babies are going to school! They were up at 5:15am this morning (Tyler didn't help there) and were sooooo excited to get out the door. You can't get more ready for school then these kids are. Ryan spent most of the morning explaining things about school and answering questions (when will we have PE? how many recesses do we get? what's the ROUTINE?) Don and I dropped them off at school and walked in with them (tradition not to ride the bus the first day). They immediately left us without so much as a goodbye to find friends and play. I am so excited to see them grow and learn in a different way. I felt like I did all that I could do with them at home (in this aspect) and that they will grow so much in school. Wyatt has Ryan's old teacher (who we loved) and who knows him from when we went and volunteered in the classroom. We felt like this wasn't his first day at all! Mia was already holding hands with another girl in her class (who she met for 30 seconds during registration last week) and Ryan was racing around like a kid in a candy store saying hello to friends, trying to find basketballs to play with, and generally having a grand time. Incidentally, he said to me yesterday, "You know why I am excited to go back to school? Well, two reasons: first I get to see all my friends. Second, I don't have to do chores or homework!" I said, "you are still going to have homework!" (I have them work on things throughout the summer during "homework time" in the morning). He said, "Yeah but Mom, school homework is WAAYYY easier than your homework!" Hee hee. I guess I am doing something right. He is in the gifted and talented class at school and I know he will do great! The last picture is of Don and Tyler standing alone after all the kids ditched us. Now I get to blog, put away laundry and dishes, plan dinner and vacuum - ALL BY MYSELF!!

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  1. I always loved the first day of school--so much more work gets done during the day. Thanks for the memories!

  2. you resolved your picture issue!! Yea for the first day of school. :)


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