Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hair today...gone tomorrow

In sunnier news, Mia got a much needed haicut. Her hair is so fine and straight that it is always snarly and tangled. We are growing out her bangs and she is in self style mode. She has more fashion sense at 5 then I will ever hope to have...ever. The "earrings" picture was taken a couple of weeks ago (she would LOVE to have her ears pierced, but I am holding out for a few more years). The second two were taken yesterday. I love the new pixie cut and she seems to too. Or maybe it's just all the attention she is garnering. At any rate, the mornings go much easier and she can spend more time picking out her clothes (she picks out each outfit with care).

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  1. Mia--I know all about fine straight hair. Whort works for me too. Love Grandma J


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