Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wardrobe is Everything

Mia loves her "morning shoes" - slippers that she got from Grandma and Gramps for Christmas and wears them around the house before she has to go out.
Wyatt loves Daddy's clothes and I couldn't keep him still for pictures. He was twirling around and falling on the ground and having a blast being the family clown. What a goof.
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  1. Wow! How nice to see that she likes those slippers! I AGONIZED over buying them. You future Grandparents--shopping for grandkids is much harder than for your own. I wonder what they like, what they already have, what Robyn wants to put up with (clean up) what size they are, etc etc. Christmas time is torture. So now, I feel a little of that torture was worth it.


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