Sunday, December 6, 2009


On one of our last "Utah" days we visited the Treehouse Children's museum in Ogden. This place was amazing and made our local Children's Museum look like a McDonald's playplace in comparison. The kids had fun playing on the little play fire truck, playing in the rodeo room, the farm room where they practiced milking a fake cow, the music room, the doll's room, the midevil knights room, the states room, the oval office room, the train room, the doctors room, and especially the Lego room. My boys are addicted to Legos - something Snata has been made aware of this Christmas... All in all - great fun!

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  1. I enjoy all your blog posts, but I have to comment on what a cute cowgirl!!

  2. Amen. Those Lego-loving boys must be future engineers.


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