Thursday, September 24, 2009

How did a month pass by already?

OK, yes, I'm a sucky blogger - I try to get it in once a month so people know I am not dead. But in my defense, I am going at this alone - unlike every single other sibling I have, my husband does not contribute to this in any way. Never mind that I am doing this for the good of extended family members who need to be reminded of how cute our kids are on a regular basis. No, he says, "Hey, you started it, its your thing." Ha....I am never going to let his mother look at the blog again, and we'll see who laughing now....
Ahem. Now back to our regular blogcast. Things are crazy now that Ryan has started school. I am volunteering every week in his class, hosting the twins preschool group every third week, and participating in an exercise co-op every morning (we watch each others kids one day a week so that the other four we can go exercise alone). Add to that birthdays, soccer, sickness, camping (and sickness while camping), and cub scouts and you'll be able to see that we haven't had a lot of "down time" lately.
However, here I find myself with the chance to clean the kitchen after six kids ate dinner (I watched Miranda's kids while they slowly move things into their new house) or dink around on the computer with some pictures. Ergo, here I am. Below are some of the things we have been up to in the last couple of weeks.


  1. Thanks for updating the blog. It sucks not being in the same state as you guys.

  2. It does create a vacuum, doesn't it?...being in the wrong state I mean. Thanks for the blog entires. You put together some great stuff.


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