Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Carlsens think they can dance

I apologize for the four videos, they are all basically the same thing but we couldn't decide which of the hilarious ones to cut so I put them all on. A couple of months ago we were getting ready for bed and watching "So you think you can dance" on TV. Ryan and Mia thought, "Hey that doesn't look so hard, and actually it kinda looks like they are having fun - lets copy them!" What followed had us in stitches.


  1. I'm calling in my vote for #1.

  2. So THAT's why Mia was singing Calle Ocho and moving provocatively at Church on Sunday! JK! :) Cora loves watching that show with me, and attempts the moves as well......Luckily, your children know their own limitations..."We can't do that..." :) So cute! Ryan will hate you one day for these though I'm sure!


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