Thursday, July 16, 2009

San Diego

We took a semi-last minute trip to San Diego with our family, Nana Carlsen, Don's brother Mike, and our good friend Aelisa. We were all getting summer cabin fever and we needed to ESCAPE! We didn't really know what the plans were, but we ended up going to Sea World, Coronado Beach, beach kayaking, and Legoland. It was loads of fun and the kids were GREAT. It was a fairly short drive at about six hours. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and the kids were busy every minute of the day. Here are a few of the many many funny pictures from the trip. Every time we ask the kids what their favorite part was, we get different answer. The kids are at a great age when we can skip naps without (too many) repercussions. The only downer of the trip was when we were going on rides in Legoland and Mia was able to go on the 40" rides but Wyatt had to stay behind because he was only 38 1/2". It sucks to be a boy.

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