Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chocolate Milk

This is what has happened lately in our backyard. An explosion of interest into the culinary arts...well, as along as dirt is involved. The kids have loved going and playing in the unfilled planter beds filling buckets with dirt and getting water (often tracking it through the house) and mixing "chocolate milk". Stirring for good consistancy, spreading it liberally over clothes and clean patios, and having a grand old time. These pics were taken this morning before it was time to get ready for church. All the kids get involved, although I have only included pictures of Wyatt. He has been really cracking me up lately. He is our biggest mystery child. We have a hard time understanding what makes him tick.
He is the BIGGEST pushover for his siblings. He will give them anything they want. If there is a fight to sit in the two seats on the car cart in the grocery store, Wyatt will decide he wants to walk. If it is his turn to pick a cartoon show the others just whisper what they want in his ear and he goes with it. He usually watches for about five minutes with them before coming to me wondering what we are going to do next. When Ryan and Mia play "house" or any pretend game, Wyatt dutifully assumes the subrodinant role of baby, dog, or other pet. When he and Mia are alone together they play "Mommy and Puppy". When Mia asks him (often), "Do I look pretty?" he replies, "Oh, you look cute Mia. You look very good today." If he has something the other two want, all they have to do is say, "Please Wyatt?" and he gives it up fast. When it is his turn for a privilege, we have a hard time making him take it because he often hands it off to Ryan and Mia, who say imoocently, "He doesn't want a turn, he wants us to have it!" The other two often fight over who gets to play with him (they only play together when doing destructive things like messing up the backyard). This leaves Wyatt with a hard choice. Go along gender lines or age similarities? He is usually pretty diplomatic. I do think he worships the ground Ryan walks on. He has even adopted Ryans "tongue out of mouth for the camera" pose. (See above). They often play Spiderman and Star Wars imaginary games with each other.
Sounds like a pretty agreeable child huh? He is, until it comes to his parents. Although he is very verablly expressive ("I love you Mom" he sighs often), he is the most stubborn of the three. If he decides he doesn't want to do something, he will dig his heels in pretty fast, even when he knows punishment is imminent. He goes to time out the most often because he refuses to give a single inch. He will get frustrated with me and scream like a banshee as loud as he can. He is, in short, my mystery man.
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  1. At least you know he has a spine in there somewhere!

  2. Sounds like he could be the dream husband some day! What a cutie.

  3. Wyatt is so funny! Those are cute stories. I love how he tells Mia she is cute!! Definitely agree that he will make a good husband someday. He already knows the right thing to say.


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